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SEO Audit

**START WITH THIS** If you don't know anything about SEO or you have never used an SEO service before then start with this. The biggest "bang for buck" right now in SEO is cleaning up & optimizing onsite factors. Without question.

Price : $ 750

Local Site Kickstarter - This will kick your site up the rankings

Overview: The Local Business Kickstarter is designed to establish a very strong foundation of links and web presence for nearly any local business, targeting a geo-specific keyword.

Price : $ 600

Facebook Fanpage Design and Setup

With this premium service, we will create a custom Facebook fan page design for you including all the elements like your FB profile picture, header cover picture and photos panel to help your clients or customers interact with your brand on Facebook more easily and give them a new branded experience. Our design services will help you to also maintain the brand and keep changing the theme of your page based on offers or seasons or events as they come along. We can regularly update things and give a refreshing experience to your users.

Price : $ 97

Complete Social Media Setup Package

This is a COMBO package for all the 3 services combined. If you are a business which does not have a professional look presence across all the social media websites, you can pick this package at a discount and we will design and setup pages for Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for your company.

Price : $ 247

Crowdsearching Service - Only For Those That Are Serious About Ranking

Crowdsearching is the first legitimate game-changer in SEO since Google's inception, because - unlike every other strategy - the results are nearly instantaneous... How Does it Work? Crowdsourced search activity - done within specific parameters and in precise volume thresholds - effectively increases your CTR in Google, average time on-site, pages/visitor and of course decreases bounce rates. And this has a massive impact on any site that's currently ranked on the 1st, 2nd or in some cases 3rd page of Google's SERPs for a given keyword:

Price : $ 249

Basic Website Video Commercial

We will create a short video for you using American script and description writers, and submit it across numerous video-hosting websites, including YouTube. To create the video, well take a few screenshots of your website along with relevant captions and a soundtrack to create a ~60 second video. Example:

Price : $ 100